Sketch Insight & Consulting Ltd.

The insight mindset

2-hour interactive presentation customised to your category and/or business challenge.  A great way to start the process of becoming an insight driven company.


Key topics:

  1. Market research past, present and future

  2. Moving from data to insight

  3. Tools to better understand your customers

  4. Commercial examples of insight fuelling business growth


Data, inspiration and evidence is everywhere - you just need to be able to spot it and use it.  


This is not easy though and it takes time.  


We can organise, mine and condense all existing customer knowledge into a concise manageable report, highlighting gaps and opportunities for further insight investment.

customer workshops

Facilitated workshops to engage and inspire your people.

  • Create a prioritised list of customer questions that need answers

  • Develop a bespoke process for moving beyond data to insight and action

  • Empower your people to uncover insights for commercial gain

  • Create a clear insight strategy with supporting action plan


We work with several clients on a flexible basis, providing ongoing or project specific support.  


This can be as part of an agreed retainer or billed on a day rate.